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    Lightbulb What bag does Tom use?

    While you probably are asked this all the time.

    What bag does Tom Bihn use?
    on the weekends?
    does it depend on where you're going?

    I'm sure we're all very curious

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    Under About us on the main website it says:

    Carrys his stuff in: The Buzz - a single-strap backpack, coming soon to a shoulder near you

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    Tom uses his Buzz with his 12" Powerbook. On his next trip he will be using a prototype version of the maximum carry-on bag he's designing right now.

    I use a LUX tote bag with either a Soft Cell or Brain Cell for my 15" Powerbook.

    Sunga uses an ID bag, a Brain Bag, a LUX tote and a Size 5 Brain Cell for her Dell laptop.

    Michael and Teresa both use the Buzz, but Teresa also has an ID bag.

    Hey Nicole, which bag do you use?

    We also have one of each of our bags to be used as 'employee loaners'. The idea is that we'll have personal experience with each bag, so when you (our customers) ask us questions about a bag we'll be able to answer with the knowledge of someone who has used the bag.
    Current Carry: Skookum Dog Citizen Canine, Founder's Briefcase, Synapse 19 (day hikes), Guide's Pack (longer day hikes), Yeoman Duffel (winter/emergency stuff for the car), Aeronaut 30 (travel), Night Flight Travel Duffel (camera bag), Moveable Feast + Shop Bags (food)

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    My bags!

    Most often I carry two Tom Bihn bags at once. I've really taken to toting around my laptop in the Size 3 Deep Blue Brain Cell with the Terra Grip strap. Then, depending on how much stuff I'm carrying with me, I use either the Buzz or the ID bag to carry everything else. Some people think it's inconvenient, carrying two bags, but I find it suits me pretty well. Lately I've been eyeing the Empire Builder or the Super Ego... in order to try carrying my laptop around in one of those and consolidating, to see how I like it... Especially now that the Empire Builder has some great new color combinations!!!

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