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    Field Journal as a Bible Cover

    I'm still waiting on my first TB bag, the Ego, and just keep coming back to the site to check out all the different bags.

    I thought this Field Journal was very interesting, although, don't know that I need a single bag that would just contain just writing tools.

    I got to thinking, however, and wondered if there could be a possible insert that could replace the 3 ring binder with some sort of contraption to hold a Bible in place, similar to those popular Bible covers. I don't know what the interest would be, but it sounded like a good idea to me, if there would be a reliable way to hold it in the FJ without it falling out...

    The only issue I see, is that Bible sizes are not standard, so it would not fit all sizes, obviously, but maybe the popular largest size could be used, with some sort of adjustment for smaller ones to be fit... Most regular design Bible covers cover over both outside flaps of the book, to hold it in place, so it looks like a special device would have to be used in order to hold it in, without it being able to fall out.

    Just an idea to capture more users for that wonderful looking bag.
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    A very interesting idea!

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    As an educator, I can see another use for the Field Journal-- Field Trips! It would be perfect for a teacher to bring on those long bus rides to the museum, planetarium, zoo, etc. instead of a messenger bag. They can have a mini version of their role books, medical information for any kids with allergies or asthma, contact information of parents and/ or whoever they have to speak to at the destination, plus pens, school ID, phone, and even a granola bar or two. The strap would make it a cinch to take role while in the lobby or parking lot of the place, and it would be very easy to carry it around for the day. The only problem I can forsee is making tab dividers for the journal; but I hear that is in the works. So it seems that my plan is foolproof after all. Anyway, just thought I would throw that out there as yet another demographic tailor-made for Tom's FJ!

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    I've been thinking that with an appropriate insert of some kind, it would make a very attractive Kindle cover.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LarryA View Post
    I've been thinking that with an appropriate insert of some kind, it would make a very attractive Kindle cover.
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    Measurement wise the FJN should fit an iPad. Anybody have any luck using one as an iPad case/tote? How did it work? If it didn't, would't work, why not?
    I really, really like TB Bags!

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