They're not posted on the Accessories page yet, but Katy dug up some brand new Cayenne and Wasabi 16" Key Straps for me.

That Wasabi strap really means I can't misplace my keys in the dark!

To be very honest, I dithered between the Conifer, Olive, and Plum Field Journals, but ended up getting the Plum because I already had the Plum Key Straps. This choice surprised me, since I an a 'blue-buying' woman. The Navy Journal, while nice, just wasn't exciting enough to end up in my clutches, and I just didn't want plain old Olive. Since I'm a writer, if I am without my computer now I can honestly state I am producing 'purple prose.'

I now make a humble request: how about Conifer and Sapphire Key Straps? Either or both lengths?

And, after nearly two days of searching, I'd like to second another poster's request in the Field Journal threads: a custom portable 3-hole punch for the Journal. The ones on the market are plastic and/or junk; I have a very old steel can-be-carried-in-a-Filofax punch that will line up, but those who don't have 25 year old stuff have no options. Single-hole punching 3 holes into 200 sheets of 140 lb watercolor paper would get v e r y tedious!

I'd also like to see a narrow-ruled paper choice; a paper made with double-sided narrow ruled is available at Fred Meyers, but not in recycled paper. I can use college-ruled, and got that with the Journal as well as the Crane plain paper, but narrower ruled lines would save paper even more.

Sorry to Katy if I just got her in trouble for jumping the gun... bet she felt the ground shake during the 4th quarter of the Seahawks game, since the store is less than a mile south of the stadium and there was a recorded seismic event during the last quarter when the 12th Man (Seahawks fans) let loose a roar during a touchdown run! Honestly. Really.

(To those who noticed an anomaly: yes, I know there's no Olive color choice for the Field Journal, but I saw one in the store).