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    How bag dimensions are listed

    I'm trying to compare some bags and have run into the problem of figuring out which dimension is which. For example, the Little Swift is listed as "6" x 9 1/2" x 11" " which I *think* is depth x width x height. But the Smart Alec is listed as "18.5" x 11.75" x 7.75", which is h x w x d. o.O I might not have the Little Swift quite right, but it certainly isn't only 6" tall. I'm managing to muddle through, but it's a lot of extra work.

    Is there a pattern to the dimension listing that I'm missing? Any hope that they might be explicitly labeled in the future? (ie, "18.5h x 11.75w x 7.75d")?

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    I am not math inclined at all!

    I use that rule of thumb, the biggest number is the height of vertical bags or the length of horizontal bags.

    As a visual person, I spend way more time looking at the beautiful pictures of the products than trying to figure out the dimensions.

    Darcy makes it really easy by using everyday objects in the bags and accessories pictures.

    That and Maverick great videos are what give me a sense of the bag's footprint.

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