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    Welcome Ying, Candi and Lulu

    On the Blog there are pictures of three lovely ladies who just joined Tom Bihn crew.

    Welcome and Thank You for working so hard for us, Tom Bihn bags fans.

    Looking forward to see a video of the people in the buzzing factory.

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    Indeed, I thought the names were unfamiliar but I didn't wanna make an assumption ....


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    I'm not sure they are new hires

    Probably just old team members who had not been introduced to us until now.

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    Just has it right -- we'll introduce more of the crew to you guys soon.
    Current Carry: Skookum Dog Citizen Canine, Founder's Briefcase, Synapse 19 (day hikes), Guide's Pack (longer day hikes), Yeoman Duffel (winter/emergency stuff for the car), Aeronaut 30 (travel), Night Flight Travel Duffel (camera bag), Moveable Feast + Shop Bags (food)

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    It's lovely to see those that help make our bags so special!

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    Sorry for the assumption

    Since I have never visited the factory, I don't know who is a new face or not.

    Thank You Darcy for taking the pictures and crew members to give us an ever expending photo roaster of the Starship Tom Bihn.

    May the force (no power outages) be with you!

    Planning and plotting ways to visit the new factory and showroom.

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