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    Unhappy Me Too

    Quote Originally Posted by Katy View Post
    Once upon a time, I said the same thing when using the Gatekeeper clips but practice really does make perfect. I can put on and take off Waist Straps, Checkpoint Flyer Laptop Cases and Field Journal Shoulder straps with one try now , I think I must have found the "sweet spot" for operating the clips .
    I've had the same problem. Maybe a video is in order showing the proper technique.
    Been there. Done that. Can't remember.

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    There is a video by our own Maverick!

    I just posted it on the How to subforum.

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    I converted my field journal with a custom A5 insert and printed a GTD calendar with a template from D*I*Y Planner | the best thing in printing since Gutenberg .
    With a few clear pockets for my 3x5 levenger cards it's perfect.

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    I'm currently plotting how best to secure a Nook Color inside my FJN. I saw an ad for a an iPad holder that has grommets on the side for a three ring binder and thought "gosh, I wish I could do something like that with an Android tablet and my trusted FJN, but all the tablets are too big".

    Then I saw an article on how the NC is actually a pretty good Android tablet, even though it's smaller than most. I checked the stats and it's just about perfectly sized (8"x5" vs 9"x5" for the FJN plastic leaf). I haven't much further than a little brainstorming about maybe getting an extra leaf and securing a toploading bumper case to it. Trying to glue silicone to plastic, though, yuck.

    Of course, if Tom Bihn were to decide that the FJN needed a padded pouch that clipped into the binder (or even just a normal padded pouch sized inbetween the too-small Small and the too-large Medium), I might not have to go through all the bother.
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