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Thread: Obsession

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    Quote Originally Posted by wennefer View Post
    Actually the bacon bar, especially the dark bacon bar, is quite yummy. Bacon and chocolate is a great combination.
    ^ Yeah, that ^

    I've never tried Theo... I might have to go get one of theirs today and do a comparison.

    If anyone is thinking we've strayed from the OP's original post, we are still posting about things to OBSESS over!

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    NEVER TRIED THEO? I like going to their Fremont factory on weekends. You get to sample all of the different types of bars they have. A couple weeks ago I bought the "Chef Sessions" confection sampler, it was AMAZING. Sadly it seems to have disappeared from their website . I guess it was a valentines day special. My absolute favorite regular item is the Grey Salted Vanilla Caramels.
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    Could Seattle residents make a little maps of "Yummies in Seattle"?

    Much appreciated!

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    That would be fun. Then when some of us non-Seattle folks make the pilgrimage to the Tom Bihn factory, we're know where to find those yummies.

    I just checked Theo's web site and realize that Whole Foods in the Boston area only sells three flavors of the bars. I feel deprived.
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