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    A TB Soft Shell Guitar Case!

    I think a Tom Bihn designed soft style guitar case would be amazing.
    I don't use my hard shell case all that often for my acoustic guitar, and my current soft shell is just a designing disaster. Pockets are not functional or practical, and the zippers are not splash-proof, which doesn't many any sense.
    The beauty of the instrument's shape, plus Tom's creative and durable designs would be a perfect combination.
    Those are my thoughts...doubtful it would ever happen, but, hey, a guy can dream, right?

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    I don't play guitar anymore, but this is an awesome idea.

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    I would love a nice case for my bass!
    Happy owner of a medium cocoa Cafe, small plum Cafe, plum/green Utility Tote, black/purple Lux, mini cork pouch, mini kiwi pouch, mini clear pouch, small blue pouch, assorted key straps, prototype Stuff Sacks, and navy/storm/sapphire Imago!

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