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Thread: TSA Praise

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    TSA Praise

    I had a surprisingly pleasant TSA experience yesterday, even though it involved two items that needed to be inspected.

    The first was my 16oz LifeFactory water bottle, which was zipped in the water bottle compartment of my Tri-Star. The agent said he saw what looked like a glass bottle but had to check to make sure it was empty. I was able to direct him to the appropriate pocket, he examined the bottle, and then tucked it back in.

    Next he asked to look at the keys in my Small Cafe Bag (which I ran through the machine separately even though I was able to fit it into the Tri-Star for true one-bagging). My house and car keys were clipped into the Tri-Star, so I knew he was referring to the USB flash drive and tiny flashlight I have clipped to the end of a key strap. I was able to direct him to the correct color key strap (other key straps lead to my organizer wallet, an organizer pouch, and my point-and-shoot camera in its case). He found them quickly, examined them, and ran the bag through the machine again with the keystrap outside of the bag.

    The agent was extremely courteous and apologetic, making the experience better than most of the times when I'm not stopped! He also complimented my organization and commented on how it easy it was for him to find the things he needed to examine. Tom Bihn products make it easy!

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    Nice! That's great to hear!
    I love my Aeronaut, Tri-Star, Western Flyer, Cadet 15 Brain Cell, Imago, Medium Cafe Bag (daily bag), Swift, Side Effect and accessories (snake charmer, packing cubes, stuff sacks, pouches, lights, keystraps, etc.) Eagerly awaiting trays and Canine Citizens! Picture to come soon.

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    A great thread for me to post this: Once, earlier this year, I had forgotten to take my laptop out of my Tri-Star before sending it through the x-ray. The agent on the other end confirmed with me that there was indeed a laptop in the bag, and then without any cues from me as to where it was, he efficiently selected the middle zipper and took it out of its brain cell! Perhaps someone familiar with Tom Bihn bags?

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