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    Forum Member daisy's Avatar
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    Mar 2011

    Sharing MY Ristretto? Oh no!

    Ok, I admit when I originally spotted the Ristretto for iPad I MAY have mentioned getting one that both of us could transport the family iPad in... even though Plum is kind of a GIRLY colour.

    But I really stopped thinking that quite a while ago.

    So guess who decided he suddenly needed a crash course in annotating notes in Goodreader so he could take the iPad out this morning and by the way, 'where's the bag?'.

    So my Ristretto has gone on its maiden outing without me... boo hoo.

    At least it was easy to unclip the two straps that connected my pouches into it..
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    oh no, this makes me rethink my "selling" how cool the Imago is as a nice unisex bag to dh. Maybe I better backtrack and bring him around to how curvy and feminine it is, and how nicely it goes along with my Cork Little Swift.
    WAIT, hold the phone. You mean my Ultraviolet lined WF may also be in danger. . . gasp, I never even fathomed it. I just assumed that since the color was my favorite it was safe. Here's hoping his Brain Bag is all he ever wanted in a bag. . .
    I think I may be starting to hyperventilate.
    I really, really like TB Bags!

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    At least my SO isn't liable to take my Swift or my little Swift. And the small Cafe bag is Punch, so that's probably safe. Maybe I should hide the Side Effect, though. It's Indigo and blue is his favorite color. I wonder...
    Indigo/Black Swift, Kiwi little Swift, Indigo Side Effect, Punch Small Cafe bag, Plum Clear Organizer Wallet, Tall Yarn Stuff sacks in Solar and Steel,

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    Oh my google, husbands can use our Tom Bihn bags? Is that legal? I don't like it. No, sir. Not one bit.

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