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    Tom Bihn and a really red-state idea

    I love the new Navy Blue and Cardinal Red bags from Bihn, but there's another angle I hope Mr. Bihn and company will consider...

    I love the look of the camo Brain Bag. I would like to see that camo "color scheme" applied to the Aeronaut and Smart Alec if possible. Maybe also to a medium or large cafe bag as well. I realize that the camo fabric might be a challenge for bags that are not designed for it. But I would love to see if that camo fabric could be used for such a design. This would be especially appealing for the Aeronaut. It could open up new markets for it.
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    MtnMan -- It might not be camo colored, but their new Forest Green is awesome. If you're wanting something a little more nature-y, that would be a great option, I'd think!
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