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    Pouches as color samplers

    LiLin post:

    "Pouches would be an awesome way to build a tb collection of the various colors. And it would be nice to be able to order them by color."

    (lint to the original post)

    I love the idea behind that post, ordering Pouches to see the new color in person and have used it quite a number of time.

    What I have usually done is order Pouches in the same order as the particular bags/accessories in a particular color. I usually order by color, easier to order the next items on the wish list.

    I am in the U.S, so I can order one big bag and just a couple of accessories and new color pouches.

    Pouches are made in Cordura and Dyneema, not 1050d ballistic nylon.

    From what I understand, Pouches are made of leftover fabric after a batch of bag is created which explain the fluctuation in color availability.

    To see 1050d ballistic nylon colors, I recommend ordering a Kit.

    I have 4 Kits, 1 Black, 1 Steel, 2 Grape(vintage 1050d ballistic nylon color).

    Black and Steel are dressy enough to be dual-purpose electronic stuff holder and dressy little clutch, quite fate for a "hand-held piece of portable architecture."

    Steel is shimmery in a very subtle but striking way, it shows in the web site picture and it is even more fascinating in person because depending on how the light hits it, it looks different.

    Black because the zipper blend with the bag color, is very much "the little black bag for the little black dress."

    I found out about their usefulness during travel.
    Since the 2 bags only carry on, I have had to be creative with packing especially when going from a cold location to a relatively warmer one, clothes need to be packed tight.
    Sharp objects either fashion accessories such as barettes, pins or the blades of the chargers needed for every electronic gizmo can damage clothes. The Kits are great storage solution for both!

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    I second this idea! Right now, I check on the color availabilities of the Cordura & Clear-front pouches, then order them, but it would be great to order them by color & size the same way the Dyneema organizer pouches are listed.

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    The new ballistic colors: Cardinal, Navy, and Forest

    I have the new ballistic pouches in Cardinal, Navy, and Forest.

    They are absolutely beautiful—deep, true, and rich. Dignified. Color without loudness. (Confession: The jewel tones have long been my favorite color palette.)

    I compared the red and blue to the previous red and blue in indoor light, daylight, and sunlight.

    Blue: Indigo is quite purple in all light—bluish more than blue. Navy is . . . just blue. A perfect balance.

    Red: In indoor light and daylight, Cardinal is subdued compared to Crimson. But in sunlight, they are virtually indistinguishable. It's hard to tell them apart.

    In fact, the images on the Aeronaut page and elsewhere seem (on my computer) darker, grayer, than the pouches I have in hand. So don't worry that the new colors are drab. You have to see them in person to appreciate them.

    Last point: The ballistic feels great to the touch.

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    Ballistic Pouches are a really great addition to the lineup!

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