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    There's nothing to talk into or out of. To help anyone find a particular bag, the first thing I ask is what is it going to be used for? What type of travel?

    With the two bags you're thinking about, both are very well made and will stand up to tough conditions. But that's where they end. Look is different, functionality is different, design is different.

    So, if you tell us the type of travel you'll be doing, that would help. Next, are you aware of the packing differences between the Aeronaut and the C-Ruck? The c-ruck is a top loader--a whole different way of packing. Are you okay with non-hiding backpack straps? The C-Ruck is smaller than the Aeronaut--which may fit your needs--and is 1 1/2 lbs heavier. Again, that might not make a difference to you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 123veo View Post
    ya, probably. while i know that the bag will fit in the centre section, i just think that it would have been sooooo handy to have it in an end pocket so that you could just pull it out, good to go. ah, just sharing what i was thinking.
    It can be done specially if it is a Dyneema Co-Pilot! It is what I do! The secret is to pack light! But would just love to have a specially made Co-Pilot to fit Aeronaut end Pocket. This would add the perfect amount of organization for the Aeronaut.

    I am waiting for a smaller Aeronaut (Mini/Junior/Navigator) to come out with the same shape and form factor. I hope that it will be the maximum allowed size for the personal items bag. And I know that I certainly will want to have a bag that will fit the end pocket of the smaller version!

    Go marsupial, go!! 😆
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