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    wow! made in the usa!!

    i was showing a friend of mine my imago messenger bag, and he remarked, noticing the label: "wow! it's made in the usa!!" and he was impressed by the feel of the fabric and the quality of the workmanship.

    indeed, you walk into most stores, and you'll be hard pressed to find something not made overseas.

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    Indeed! It has been a big frustration from trying to set up household to find decent and durable clothes not made abroad.
    People who are producing those items are not making fair wages and work under very harsh or even abusive conditions.

    I just read an article that has been haunting me eversince, it describe graphically, women's work conditions in the factories of a small country. The abused workers fulfil subcontracts for mass market brands in the U.S.

    To my horror, I found out I had a couple of garments made in that country. It is heartbreaking!

    Despite the fact that the article should not be read by youngsters, teens and very sensitive people, I have to research the link to it and share it.
    So that effective measures can be taken.

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    To me, there shouldn't be a problem buying something that's foreign-made as long as it is a brand name that represents a reputable manufacturer and the product is highly recognized for its quality and design. Most VWs are made in Germany, but VW is still highly regarded. When you buy a Volkswagen, chances are it's a great car. Same for Tom Bihn. It's a USA brand, which is nice and patriotic and all that, but the thing that keeps me interested is the design, quality and the system of accessories that enhance the value. It's great to buy an American brand, but it's even greater when you can see where the product is made and that a highly skilled workforce is proud to say "We're in Seattle" or "We're in northwest Germany" or wherever. There's a little bit of psychology involved, but it is reassuring when a manufacturer wants to tell you the story of who they are and how they operate instead of a policy of "out of sight, out of mind". I would much rather do business with the former than the later.
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