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    Alright......Maybe I do have a Problem!?

    It all started this morning when I saw a Picture on the Forum here of a Navy Synapse sitting quietly on a Scenic Overlook.

    Not thinking ahead I re-read the entire thread and saw Mavericks movie of a Synapse holding Canon DSLR gear and I snapped and ordered a Navy/Solar Synapse.

    I need it by Tuesday but the 2nd day shipping is $30.00 which seems crazy to me for this bag so of course I reason that spending more will make the expedited shipping seem more of a deal?????

    All this of course means that I added a TriStar to the order!.....and a Strap of course.

    I blame all of this on the "Foot-Dragging" by Tom in producing a Camera product of some kind and now I am awaiting 2 bags instead of 1.

    I don't even think I will have the time they deserve to pack them before I will be o the road with them.

    Oh,what a problem to have.


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    LOL! Congrats Ed! i am glad to see that you are so cost-conscious on the shipping front!

    You will enjoy them both...been eyeing the Synapse myself.

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    Thanks,your list of stuff in the TriStar to Europe was also partly responsible for the purchase. I don't want to leave anyone out.

    I am headed up to Savant for advanced training next month after picking up a clients car in Albany after flying from their house in Palm Beach.
    Then after training I drive the car back to STL and then down to Palm Beach.
    So I need to pack while on the road for several trips before returning to being on the road,sounds crazy and will require "Special Packing" to say the least.

    I am driving the car to Boston next week to kick the whole thing off and flying back.

    All of this is so I can put the finishing touches on their Savant System once I get more training.

    Oh the price we pay for the customers satisfaction.

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