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    Straps and such for Brain Cell and ID


    I have already askied customer service this question directly, but thought that some of the onwers of the products may also be able to give me some additional insight.

    While I have definitely decided on the Brain Cell, I am not sure if I will buy an additional bag like the ID to carry the brain cell in; but it might be something I get in the near future.

    For now, I am trying to figure out the shoulder strap issue. Can you give me some insight into the differences in terms of comfort, adjustability, non-slippability (sp? Ha Ha!!), of the Terragrip, Absolute, and the strap that comes with the ID bag?

    Also, is the Absolute strap really necessary for the brain cell itself or is the Terragrip plenty comfortable? On the other hand if I did get the ID bag in the future, I would probably wear it as both a shoulder bag and a true messenger style bag (i.e. with waist strap). In that case, is the Absolute strap that much of an improvement over the strap that comes with the ID bag. I was thinking maybe the Terragrip strap would be plenty for the Brain Cell by itself and then the strap that comes with the ID might be good enough to not really need to upgrade to Absolute strap on the ID for heavier loads.

    All comments are greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Orest,

    As a proud owner of an ID and Brain Cell and someone who's had the opportunity to audition the Terra Grip and Absolute Shoulder Straps in conjunction with the Brain Cell as well as other bags, I'll offer my opinion.

    Firstly, the Absolute Shoulder Strap is not compatible with the ID because of the way the ID strap is attached to the bag and the fastening system the Absolute Shoulder Strap uses. In terms of using a strap with your Brain Cell itself, my personal preference is for the Terra-Grip because of it's slip proof construction and stylish design. The Absolute Shoulder Strap is more cushioned and "springy" which some people prefer. As always, it pretty much boils down to personal preference. I've expressed mine and hope I've helped in your decision making process. Good luck!


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