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    Booq VS. Tom Bihn


    I have a delema my new iBook 12" just arrived and I have been searching for weeks and have narrowed down my choices to the

    Tom Bihn Monolith


    Booq PowerSleeve 12


    Booq Vyper XS

    I need help. I want a case that I can take my iBook to school in everyday. It will be in a backpack with high school books and quite a few at that. So it needs not only strength on the bottom but on the sides too.

    Please give me your advice and any other bag suggestions. I want a vertical sleeve that has hard protection. I would like it to be like a tight suit of armor for my iBook.


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    The Monolith provides excellent protection. It has a hard, corrugated plastic insert that protects the front, back, and bottom, and stiff foam on the sides. The soft foam padding on the inside that cradles your laptop comes together at the bottom to form a sling so your laptop isn't resting directly on the bottom of the Monolith. A suspension system in a laptop case is not common. The top is also padded. The Monolith is available in colors Black, Steel, Crimson, Deep Blue and Wasabi. I think the Monolith would protect your laptop well in the situations you've described.

    Is anyone here familiar with the Booq products?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darcy
    Is anyone here familiar with the Booq products?
    I've found them generally well made, but they do not have the attention to detail that you guys do. I'd go with the Monolith.

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