My husband and I just got back from our two-week whirlwind vacation that hit Chicago, Detroit, Niagara Falls, New York City, Boston, New England (Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Cape Cod), and we had an amazingly easy time getting around because we used our Tom Bihns!

My husband's main bag was his gray Tri-Star, and for his personal bag, he used the Packing Cube Backpack. Particularly impressive was that he packed an extra pair of shoes and a laptop in his set-up, and they barely made a dent.

My main bag was a black Western Flyer. For my personal bag, I used a Large Cafe Bag (but in hindsight I could've used my Medium Cafe Bag). I also carried a second pair of shoes, but no laptop for me (I packed an iPad instead).

I used a Packing Cube Shoulder Bag to pack socks, underwear, various other items, and during transit this went into the main compartment of the Western Flyer. When I got to our destinations, though, I'd empty out the Shoulder Bag and use it as my day purse--while I had my Large Cafe Bag, I didn't want to empty it out for daily use (it included all types of things I packed for air travel, etc) like my iPad. All cables were in little TB organizer pouches and whatnot as well.

Using the Packing Cube Shoulder Bag as my day bag/purse worked out great, since it required that I empty it out completely before repacking for our next destination, so it gave me a chance to toss out bits of trash and pack things up correctly. In the past, I'd just toss everything into my main purse, and it would be months before I'd get around to clearing everything out after I got home.

In addition, I also took a black Side Effect with me. In it, I put a little quart-sized ziptop bag of non-liquid toiletries (Q-tips, medication, etc.). This went into one of the main compartments in the WF (not the thin front pocket but the front compartment that has the zippable divider).

On those occasions when I just wanted a very small purse, or I wanted something a little nicer rather than my PCSB, I took the Side Effect, and that worked out great.

All in all, the bags worked out wonderfully.

We caught many flights and even a couple of Amtrak trains, and we couldn't have asked for a better setup.

Thank you Tom Bihn, for making our travel such a breeze!