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    Cool A Heavenly Visit!!!

    I just made my first visit!!!! *It was like visiting the Vatican because I have had a long term spiritual relationship with Tom's bags. *Before my visit, I owned an ID, super ego, empire builder, aeronaut, checkpoint flyer, and a wide variety of smaller inserts, like brain cells, packing cubes, snake charmers, and some others. *And I think I own two of the notebook thingies

    Well, I arrived via taxi from a conference in Bellevue. *I needed an Ego and a brain cell for a different laptop. And I wanted to compare the tristar and western flyer with my own two eyes.

    I ended up adding an Ego, Tristar, brain cell and a ton of packing cubes, including ones for my aeronaut that turn into a backpack. * I was obviously too excited. *The total cost: a heavenly $777!!!! Worth every penny. I've dragged Tom's stuff around the globe and my hometown without any problem. Ever. And I love the bags and brag about them constantly.

    I look forward to introductions of Tom's upcoming products. *Especially the camera insert!!! *Special thanks to Eliam who helped me while I drooled all over the bags!!! Super knowledgable, very cool, and offered advice only a bag lover would appreciate!!!

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    We're happy to hear you had so much fun at the factory! Hopefully we will see you again soon .
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