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    Hey, my iPad fits in my Small Cafe Bag!

    I would never believe it if I didn't see it myself, so I am posting a picture:

    As you can see, my first-generation iPad fits in my Small Cafe Bag!

    OK so it's not the fancy Risretto, and it's not as roomy as the Medium Cafe Bag. But it fits! I can even fit my keys, wallet, and a couple other items in the bag!

    So if you were curious, yes it fits! It's snug. But if you like the compactness of the Small Cafe Bag and assumed the iPad was too big for it, give it a try yourself!
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    I had a similar epiphany when I realized my 15" Dell Latitude Laptop with extended battery fits into my Imago. That was a pretty awesome discovery.

    Thanks for the heads up!
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    Thanks!! I had been wondering if my iPad would fit in the SCB!

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