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    Cafe bag strap idea

    Just got one of your Cafe bags; love the size of it, color choices, only gripe is the strap.

    I bought this bag because of the length of the strap. I like to wear my bags slung across my chest and most purse straps aren't long enough to settle well, and the full extension of this bag strap is perfect.

    However (yeah, it had to butt in here) the strap material is itchy and scratchy on bare shoulders/neck and the width of the strap is perhaps a tad too wide to be perfect.

    My idea is custom straps, order the bag and pick your strap.....could have a range of colors, maybe widths (standard, narrow). It would require the addition of a clip style attachment instead of the sewn in strap (but if it had a lanyard type twisty thing on it, that would also eliminate my other gripe about the twisting of the strap).

    Overall, I love the bag - its well made, the color choices are fun (I went cocoa and wasabi) and having the opportunity to give feedback is appreciated.

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    Strap is OK, but small bag is still too large (says my wife)

    I bought my wife the small cafe bag. I should have looked at the size more carefully, and I was surprised when it arrived at how large it was. I didn't mention it to her, but she had the same thought.

    You might consider making a "mini" or "micro" cafe bag. She didn't complain about the strap -- but then again, she rarely uses it. :-(
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