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    bag for pt law student, ft IT guy

    I am starting an evening law program in a week or so. In addition, I work full time in the IT field. I recently picked up a crumpler backback, but the model I ordered turned out to be too small. I was going to return it for the next size up, but now am torn between that and tom's bags. The empire builder looks nice, but I think i really need a backpack, especially if I am going to walk from home to school or work to school (5-10 blocks). I wish there were some internal pics of the brain bag. Does anyone have any input or suggestions on bags. Its going to have a few casebooks, my thinkpad x40(tiny laptop), and some other junk. I am just burnt out on scanning every site for bags....tom bihn, crumpler, tumi, spire,...

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    I would definitely recommend the Brain Bag. It will hold everything you described and will leave room for more in case you need to carry anything else. It's extremely comfortable and will stay with you for years.

    What is it about the interior compartments that you are curious about? We are working on adding more pictures, but until we do that, maybe I can help describe the interior for you.
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