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    Because I had to give someone Tom Bihn for the Holidays

    I just put in orders for an Imago (Cardinal and Hemp) and a Kit. The Imago will go to my sister-in-law and the Kit to my husband's uncle. The Imago is pricier than our family holiday presents usually are, but it was so lovely...

    Honestly, I've become a big enough Tom Bihn fan that I couldn't imagine forgoing a holiday order. I hope my sis-in-law likes her present.

    I really appreciated the forum posts describing the differences between the different Imago fabrics.

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    Wow. What great presents! I can see two more TB addicts in the future...
    Aeronaut (crimson) with Absolute Strap, Synapse (navy), Smart Alec (black/steel/solar), Shop Bag (solar), cache for MBP, cache for iPad2, and numerous pouches and key straps.

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