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Thread: bike panniers

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    bike panniers

    Any chance that there will be a Bihn pannier bag available? My ideal bag would actually transform into a backpack (I'm thinking about something that would have back straps that could be flipped around to the front and secured while on the bike) and be fairly lightweight. However, I think any Bihn pannier would be swell...

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    Sunga is actually on a bike trip right now. She's using Ortlieb panniers. Maybe Sunga will have some thoughts on Tom Bihn panniers when she gets back from her trip.
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    Michael F
    wow. a pannier that converts to a backpack or shoulder bag. that's a great idea! seems so logical. is anyone else manufacturing such a thing?

    tom's currently putting the finishing touches on a "maximum carry-on" airline bag that we expect to be moving into production very soon. it quickly converts with hideaway straps into a backpack. a few relatively minor modifications here and there and presto: pannier. so who knows...

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    Harness System for bike panniers

    Ortleib makes a product that you can attach to the back of their panniers which allows you to carry them as a backpack. If you want them you can order them at the Seattle Store. The downside is that you have to detach the backpack attachment from the panniers in order to place the panniers on your bike. In which case you would have to stuff the backpack attachment inside of the panniers, or carry it some other way, like on your back with no bag...?

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