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Thread: Buzz suzzestion

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    Buzz suzzestion

    First, thanks for the steel color, which I just noticed for the first time. I'd go for it if I were buying now, but I'm still happy with the all-black that I've had for some months now.

    I've travelled with it several times -- most recently on a mixed vacation/business trip to France and Austria. In the airport, I generally have a rolling valise and the Buzz.

    I really wish there were some way to perch the Buzz on top of the rolly thingy and have it not fall off. For instance, a briefcase kind of bag often has handles wide enough to slip over the extended handle of the rolly thingy.

    I have to say that I can't think of exactly how you could supply an attaching strap, but I would surely welcome it. Maybe if you figure it out and add it, I'll buy another one -- in steel. :-)

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    Other suggestions for the Buzz:

    - An easily accessible pocket from which I can grab my keys or train pass without having to swing the bag forward.

    - Pocket or straps for attaching a yoga/pilates mat

    - A waterbottle pocket large enough to stuff a roll of newspaper (can't really tell from the image if it does?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by rochford
    Other suggestions for the Buzz:

    - An easily accessible pocket from which I can grab my keys or train pass without having to swing the bag forward.
    Hi Rochford,

    Probably the easiest way to do this is to modify the "iPod/cell phone" pocket on the Buzz strap to offer an alternative pocket. The Incase sling pack that you mentioned (and attached a picture for) in another thread has a zippered pocket placed like the one in your attached figure.

    I didn't mention it in my comments about trying on the Incase slingpack, but that pocket was one of the features that threw off the balance of the slingpack when you put it on your back. Another thing, since your initial query in the first thread was about whether the Buzz works well for a left-handed person -- with the pouch placed as suggested in your figure (at least on the Incase slingpack), it is definitely harder to access for a left-handed person, while the position of the iPod/cell phone holder on the front of the Buzz strap is accessible for both left- and right-handed people.

    (These are not meant to be comments against the Incase slingpack design -- just notes that some of these suggestions affect the great ergonomics of the Buzz.)
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