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    I got mine yesterday in Navy/Solar; I'm definitely not disappointed! The blue feels multi-faceted, though not as bright as it looks in some of the shots on the website. This is good, though, because I was worried about it being too bright to look professional, and. . .it totally does. And making the bag in nylon is so the right choice. My Absolute strap is already attached to it, and, since I've lost a bunch of weight recently, I can use the waist strap as intended.

    It holds so much, too; I have my Macbook Air, a covered journal, a covered Kindle, the charger, a small Moleskine, two pens, my iPhone, a radio adapter, a USB drive, my wallet, and my Small Pouch Of Assorted Odds and Ends in there (my nice pen, my Altoids, my headphones, etc), and it doesn't look stretched at all. So much love. Of course, now I feel sorta guilty for switching out of my Plum/Wasabi Ristretto for iPad...but I'm sure it'll get some use, too!

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    Gabe, glad you love your new Ristretto and congratulations on the weight loss. Please PM me if you decide to part with your Plum one.
    I really, really like TB Bags!

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    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum but have been a silent observer/reader for a while now and decided it's time for me to jump in and share my thoughts as well ... I recently bought the Steel/Iberian Ristretto and thought it was a very handsome looking bag (in real life) but conservative enough for work. I absolutely love the the Iberian on the inside (the main reason I chose the Steel), and somehow that makes it a 'fun' bag even though it is sombre on the outside. I like the fact that the Steel colour on the Ristretto has more silver grey tinch to it compared to my Steel coloured Medium Cafe Bag which has more of a blue tinch to the colour spectrum. In use, my Ristretto serves me well as it's quite a sturdy bag and I like the fact that I can throw it around but the material will still look like new. I don't have to worry about scuff marks or pulling a thread, etc. On a regular work day, I'd carry my 11" MBA inside, an A4 hardcover (week to view) diary, A4 spiral-bound notebook, a couple of mini pouches with business cards & USB drives, tissues, etc. And an organiser pouch with my plastic cards (e.g., ID, credit cards, store cards, library cards), as well as my wallet, keys and phone. I use a couple of key straps to attach my keys and pouches to the loops. Today, my bag probably weighed around 6 - 7 kg as I also had a couple of small paperback reading material in the back pocket.

    I must admit...having the Ristretto & accessories has made going to work quite a bit more enjoyable!

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