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    Question Whither biners on Brain Bag?

    I am now on day 3 with my new Brain Bag, As I am finally getting to know it and getting to organizing it well, I am now painfully aware if the lack of any kind of external attachments.
    No place to hang a biner, attach a phone holster, or anything like that.

    I am hanging my biners on the compression straps, but that doesn't work well with heavy stuff like a cofee mug. And I don't like putting the coffee mug inside after a day of coffee drinking because it makes the inside smell.

    I managed to attach a phone holster to the straps that hold the chest strap, but then I can't move the chest strap up or down easily (if need be).

    So I am now really wishing there were some d-rings and/or straps on the outside.

    Anybody have the same issue and found creative ways to attach stuff to the outside, please share.

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    What the hell is a "biner"?

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