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Thread: UK Distributor?

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    UK Distributor?

    Is there a UK distributor for Tom Bihn bags?

    I want to get one, but the shipping seems to be expensive and the bag with brain cell is really expensive as it is!

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    The only distributor in the world is the TB factory. Here's one thing you could do: ask on the forum and see if any US citizens are heading to the UK. You could send them the money + US shipping and ask to meet them. And then buy them a pint.

    Perhaps some of the other overseas forum people could comment on whether shipping is flat rate? If it is, you could go in on a bunch of bags with other people and split the cost of shipping.

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    The freight is expensive, but then again it isn't.

    After ordering my Tri-star including the $55 UPS Expedited shipping to Australia I noticed a Brain Cell in the size that fits my notebook on eBay. After checking with the seller on eBay the Brain Cell alone by regular Priority Mail was going to cost $47 to post to me - which takes around two weeks normally.

    Volume is the challenge here rather than weight so order up big and save per item on postage!

    Conversely the UPS package should be here next Monday after ordering last Monday (watching it via the online tracking is pretty neat too).

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