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    quick release messenger bag strap

    I would love to see a true quick release strap for the ego and super-ego in the style of bailey works or mission workshop bags (the mission workshop style is the most elegant and functional, I'm sure Tom could adopt and improve). The super-ego is the best messenger bag I've used (I'm considering an ego as well, as I'll soon need less capacity) but some days I still ride with my baileyworks bag for the added functionality of quick release. The Q-Am strap is good, but a quick release would be better. I've experimented by retrofitted my older super-ego, which was made for 2" straps, with the baileyworks quick release strap, and it worked pretty well, though the padding wasn't exactly as it should be due to design differences.

    Thanks for putting out a great product!


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    I hear you, Matt. I'm a bike commuter too. I have a Mission Workshop messenger bag which I loved until I bought a Rambler, now I'll never go back to a one strap shoulder bag. I really wanted a Smart Alec or a Synapse to work as a commuter bag, but without things like compression straps and a blinky light loop, I couldn't figure out how to make either bag work. I console myself with organizer pouches in my MW Rambler, and a clear quarter packing cube for my swim things. I agree, Tom Bihn products are great, and there's more to come in my future!

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    I agree! Revisiting the Q-AM strap's design would be awesome. The Super Ego was my first Tom Bihn bag and messenger bag. I've been hooked ever since!

    Thanks again TB!
    Super Ego (my 1st TB bag!) w/ various color strips, Id, Brain Bag, Buzz, Aeronaut, Side Effect, Lg Shop Bag, Olive Organizer Wallet, Medium Ballistic OP

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