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    Brain Bag-Water bottles and travel cups?


    On the product description for the Brain Bag it states

    "The two vertical front pockets are large enough for water bottles"
    But what size;25ml, 0.5l or a litre or how about the wide diameter type water bottles?

    With any backpack I like to be able to carry both a bottle of water and a travel mug on the outside, in mesh type pockets, specially in case of spilages. Does the flat mesh pocket accomodate for this sufficiently (i suspect not). I hope that u'll forgive me if i suggest that some of your competition... North Face have cracked this type of set up for example with their Borealis day pack Link:

    Aside: Another pet peiv I would have is the configuation of the handle. I dont think that it should block the rear compartment as it currectly does. I realise that you have achieved better stablity and spread the load more evenly... but could this not be done by an alternative method

    Atilla the Hun
    Ps: your site is great and products are great... keep up the good work

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    I can fit a Dasani 1 liter bottle of water in the front pockets of mine (I just tried it)

    Also, the top handle covering the main pocket has saved me multiple times, I stuff my Brain Bag, I mean, 50+ lbs of stuff all the time. I have found that sometimes the zippers will release (I leave my zippers at the top of the bag, putting them at the side would resolve this, chalk it up to a training issue) and the snap handle saves me from dumping things all over the airport. It also balances the bag much better when you are carrying it.

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