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    One day in 2005...

    ...I saw the 'Smart Alec' backpack and was captivated by its slick design. While I thought the price was very high, I still decided to treat myself and purchase it. I was disregarding all the assurances concerning the quality of the materials etc. as typical sales techniques.

    Well, about seven years later, this backpack is still going strong and shows no sign of being about to give up. I have been using this backpack almost daily, for seven years. It still works fantastic.

    I am truly amazed by the quality of your products and I will certainly come back to Tom Bihn when I will need a new backpack, in another ten years.

    Last but know least, this backpack has the infamous uber-awesome tag that you can see in this picture (from some else).

    The infamous Tom Bihn label | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    Thanks again for providing such an outstanding, study, slick, long-lasting product. It doesn't happen every day.

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    Yes, these bags are made to last! And I suspect could be dragged behind a truck and still survive and be used again!

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    Yeah, I was delighted to discover one of my older TB bags that still had that infamous label!
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