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    In Praise of Kleen Kanteens

    I know this is the Tom Bihn Forum, but I also know, because I see your packing lists, that a lot of you are Kleen Kanteen fans too. I've seen pictures of Kleen Kanteens of every size and color in various pictures but I've never seen any of the insulated version. I have one (pink of course) and I'd like to HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who likes their tea hot or their lemonade cold.

    We have been having record heat here in Colorado. In the 130 years they have been keeping official temperatures, it has only reached 100 degrees 3 times in Colorado Springs. Until this past Saturday. It was 100 degrees Saturday and again yesterday. And predicted again for today. (just what the 8 fires burning up my state need, but that's another story...).

    Yesterday morning at about 8 am I filled my insulated Kleen Kanteen with ice and lemonade. Also took two non insulated drinking bottles with me on my way to an agility trial outdoors. One I drank immediately, one went in an ice filled cooler and the insulated bottle sat in my synapse in the shade. When I had finished up the first two bottles, I went for my insulated one. This was about 2:00. I expected there to be some ice left but to have had significant meltage. It was still full of ice almost to the top. Drank the lemonade, added a tiny it more ice to it from the cooler, poured in some water from a friends water bottle, drank that, and put the bottle back in my synapse.

    When I got home yesterday evening I set it on the kitchen counter (in my non-air-conditioned house that was at about 90 some degrees... Got up inthe middle of the night and was thirsty. Grabbed the bottle and shook it. Didn't hear any ice hitting the sides, thought it must have finally all melted, opened the bottle and lo and behold, it was STILL full of ice. Got only one small sip of water from what had melted since 12 hours earlier. And this morning when I checked it again? STILL about half full of ice.

    The one time I used it for a hot drink (tea) it was still almost too hot to drink after 6 hours.

    Was it worth $20? ABSOLUTELY!
    WhiteStar in Colorado
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    White Star I have a non insulated one and have had my eye on the insulated version. Might just have to break down and get one. I don't want to hijack your thread but please take care the fires are wicked. I grew up in Colo Spgs and my daughter is still there. I've been talking with a fire fighter buddy that has lived there all his life. Its not good. Take care
    List exceeds allowed characters. So I'll just say I'm plum and kiwi loving FOT!

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