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    Lightbulb Something vertical

    So this, this would be love.

    A vertical laptop shoulder bag for us snappy mac users with the bigger than 12"ers. All the horizontal bags are lovely, but, when you get a big flat laptop in them, they become unstable and uncomfortable in "active lifestyle" activities. And a backpack (often the "vertical laptop format") is sometimes too "coligiate" to be as versatile as it could be. The styling of the "European Men's Bag" would be ideal... snappy and professional, without being a briefcase.

    I adore the cafe bags in almost every way, but there is just not enough height. Maybe add a padded built in sleeve on the back of the main compartment, increase the bag by an extra 1.5", and then a zip on the top flap for stuff you need quick easy access to. Cut out a slightly deeper arc in the front of the compartment to keep the bag from feeling "too deep/dark" in the "stuff compartment" and you'd win all the prizes.

    Thanks for listening, I'd love to see it happen!

    (Ps, I read the later posts that said that a big vertical bag would look silly -- and it might... but if you keep the pockets and the external 'gorp and frou frou' to a minimum, or utilize a 2 tone color scheme, you might help us shorties get away with what we want... since all I want to carry is a laptop, a book, an ipod, a cell phone, and only a little bit of flotsam...)
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    I agree...

    I totally agree. For me there are a couple weird priorities that don't really mix. While I still love the buzz, it is too small and am now using the Smart Alec backpack. None of these hits my desired key point yet either. My favorite bag, although not as often used, is a Dunhill bag that is similar to the Cafe bags (very expensive bag so it is more for dressy days, but the concept is sound.)

    The Dunhill bag is a vertical like the cafe, but a bit deeper. It has the same problem of not being tall enough, but I am able to get most 12" laptops inside, with plenty of space for a 12" as well as a monolith. I really do not feel like it would be so bad to get the bag up around 14.5 or 15" long to accommodate up to a 15" PowerBook, which is probably one of the longest mainstream laptop out there.

    Vertical is much nicer for walking down tight aisles, or just walking in general without having to use your arm or hand to keep the bag where it belongs. Horizontal bags tend to wander and get unweildy, in my opinion.

    ps: a handle on the top, even if just a small one like the other TomBinh bags, would be essential. My Dunhill doesn't have one and its a huge strike against it

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