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    brain cell rigidity question


    I just bought a trager seattle messenger and want to get a rigid sleeve for an hp tc4200 tablet. This will be to carry the laptop inside the messenger along with text books, etc....
    In reading the braincell descriptions it seems as though the rigid panels are not connected on the sides. Is this correct? I really want something which will carry weight and/or pressure around the delicate laptop.
    You know.. something I could pile heavy text books on top of with the laptop on the bottom and have it protect the laptop inside.
    Not that I plan on doing particularly that... but you get the idea.
    Any thoughts and feedback on the brain cell or other possible products would be most appreciated.


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    Hi there,

    You're right. The corrugated plastic that makes up the rigidity of the Brain Cell & Monolith is an open "u" shape. It is not a box (connected at the sides). For relatively soft, flexible bags, these offer amazing protection. If you want more extreme hard-sided protection, I suggest looking at Pelican Cases or Zero Haliburton. Those are very very tough, though I don't think they make anything that would go inside of your Seattle Messenger.

    From our line, I would recommend the Size 5 Brain Cell. It provides very good protection. If you think you'll often be setting your bag down with a lot of text books in it then you could put the Brain Cell in the front of the bag, with the textbooks behind. That way when you set down the bag it will flop on its back onto the text books and not onto your laptop. It would be okay to stack books on top of the Brain Cell with your laptop inside it on occasion. It really is very tough. Naturally, you don't want to make a habit of that, but it sounds like that is not your intention. I think the Brain Cell would work well for you. We have lots of students and professors who carry our laptop cases and are very happy with them.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.


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