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    Stuff sacks!!!! Yeah!!!

    A few ideas to improve them:

    But, first, thank you. I've needed a laundry bag for a long time. And, no, I don't fold socks or underwear...this is great. The oval design is smart.

    - Put something in the pictures to give them scale. 4 bags sitting next to each other does't help me figure out how big each is. Maybe stick some in a bag and take a picture of how the fill it.

    - Make one that fills the side pockets of the aeronaut.

    - For larger bags, which can be heavy when full, add a strap system. Right now, I use the mini backpack and the side bag for the aeronautic with attachments for a strap. Neither compress, but make it easy to carry heavy loads of dirty laundry... I start with these full of clean clothes, and by the end of day 2, I consolidate clean clothes into another organizing bag and use one of these as a dirty bag. Carrying the larger sack without a strap to the laundry across town is a hassle... In Luzern, I just walked 2km from hotel to cleaning service and was glad to have the backpack!!!

    - Would love a base oval made of a fabric that resists water/dirt more. Stuff sacks get put all over the place...

    - Compression straps, please!!!

    - my ThinkTank bags come with a dyneema-like water shell that conviently comes with its own mini stuff sack seen I into the cover to allow easy storage when not in use. Consider this.

    Still, a great bag! So glad you I intro'd them and will add to my next order!

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    I wonder if they have any o-rings? I'm hoping mine will have some when they arrive.

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