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    Question I need a cool gym/office bag.

    I'm always carrying gym stuff along with piles of work-related papers and books. I don't want a bag that is too big but I do need to be able to carry sneakers, shorts, shirt, etc... plus a few things. Any suggestions as to an appropriate (and cool) Tom Bihn bag?

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    It sounds like the Brain Bag might be your thing. You can clip a Monolith/braincell inside it and it has 2 main compartments. One for the Monolith and work stuff and then the other for your clothes.

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    Hi Jason,

    The Brain Bag is my favorite bag in our line, but it might be too big for this purpose. Depends on what you are carrying. I've used the Smart Alec as an everyday/gym bag and it really did a great job. If you're not carrying a laptop, or carrying a small one, there should still be plenty of room for files, books, and gym clothes. I'd recommend accessorizing with a Freudian Slip for your files & a Snake Charmer for toiletries if you don't already have a toiletry bag.

    If you don't want a backpack, you might check out the ID. That would be a bit more of a squeeze if you're carrying shoes, but I've been amazed at what I could fit in there.

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    For the time being, I'm usually staying at the SO's house, and therefore, in my ID I carry a change of clothes (including shoes sometimes) as well as:

    small toiletries bag
    small notebook
    random papers
    small pouch w/bus tokens
    2 prescription med bottles
    miscellanous junk
    nail file
    smaller wallet with work ID and key card
    cell phone

    And the bag isn't full and I can get to everything easily.

    (Hint: To carry even more stuff, get two-gallon ziplock bags, put gym clothes inside, squeeze, zip. Air out bags after they've held sweaty clothes.)

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    I need the gym bag, too!

    I need room for shoes (men's size 11), a change of clothes (including a pair of pants), some way to attach a towel, and a log book.

    I have an Empire, ID, Super Ego, and an Aeronaut (on order), but the empire, ID, and Super Ego don't have a way to separate shoes! Also, putting men's slacks into the bag vertically leads to wrinkles.

    Sounds like a small Aeronaut...

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