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    Question Size 4X Monoliths Shipping Yet?


    I recently recieved my beautiful MacBook Pro but I cant take it anywhere :'-(...

    Placed an order a while ago for a size 4X Black Monolith and wondering when they're going to ship... if they've started to ship already et.c.

    There was a Cocoa/Steel Medium Cafe Bag in to order too... would that hold it up... it is shipping to the UK.

    Any info on predicted shipping dates would be fab.


    Ben Hodgson

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    Hi Ben,

    I'm happy to report that both your items are on the way from the factory and your order should ship out tomorrow via Express Mail International. Your order for the Monolith 4X would have been help up by the Medium Cafe Bag but fortunately we're receiving them both now and they will soon be coming your way! If you have any further questions or concerns, please let us know via this forum or you can email me directly at

    Thank you and cheers!

    Your friendly Tom Bihn shipping manager,

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    Thanks so much for the news, thats fantastic! Such a prompt and speedy reply. Great bags coupled with great people and great customer care are what make Tom Bihn... well... in a word Great! :-)

    This is why I always recommend your bags and why I'll remain a loyal customer for a long long time!

    Many Thanks,

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