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Thread: Mini Super Ego?

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    Question Mini Super Ego?

    Hi Folks.

    I was in the market for a messenger bag back in November, and I browsed through the Seattle shop. My comparisons: The Super Ego, too big, but great looks-- ID, too small (though it fits *almost* everything I need-- a laptop and 1 Ltr. Nalgene didn't seem to fit together with assorted necessities).

    I ended up buying an Empire Builder, though its not a true messenger, and definately *not* great on a bike, I loved the smart organization, sturdiness, and design. Today it got stolen out of my car, so I am on the hunt again.

    My question is this: Should I be waiting for a smaller version of the Super Ego, and just use my scrubby old backpack in the meantime? Any guesstimates would be appreciated.
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    Keep an eye out on this post about the imago which is supposed to be a small messenger bag.

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    I just read on another thread here (dated the end of last year), that a smaller version of the Super Ego is in the works-it's called the Ego.

    Hopefully it's still in the works and there will be more info on it soon...?

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