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    Something for the Architects

    In our firm we have a velcro-wrap carry handle for carrying rolled drawings, called "The Drawing Tote" from a place in Cardiff by-the-Sea. Unfortunately they seem to have disappeared, and we'd love to get more of these carry handles.

    I can send pictures of the one we have - it's just a simple 12" wide by 28" long leatherette wrap with velcro and a sturdy nylon handle, customized with our company name and logo.

    I knew Tom back when he had his shop in Santa Cruz (I'm Barbara, friend of Susie Kendig), so that's who I thought of when we found we couldn't get more of these.

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    Drawing Tote

    I too am looking for 'The Drawing Tote"

    If anyone comes up with the vendor, or finds an equivalent, please let me know.


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    If you could post pictures of the one you have, that would be great.

    This is something I can see us making.
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    What happend?

    The suspense is killing me! I have to say, I'd never thought about a TB solution to the every day problem in my architecture job: lugging drawings around. Any hope there? The tote? A smarter tube?

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    Red face Drawing Totes

    Drawing Totes are available at

    Not exactly the same as "The Drawing Tote"

    Cardiff by-the-Sea but close, and reasonably priced.

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