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    Brain bag? Your brain! . the new Bihn bag.

    Introducing the new TB bag, especially made to fit GYM and sport users…
    yes, a specially designed bag for GYM / sport activity.

    Features / Requirements:
    Wet towel storage (to take back for laundry)
    Light, dirty stinky after run cloth storage (shirt, socks, tights etc.)
    Dirty (sand, sometimes wet from winter running) shoes stores.
    Dry gloves/towel storage for the GYM (separate from clean cloth, towel).
    Swimsuit / goggle storage.
    Clean cloth storage (T, Jeans, etc)
    Shoes (causal) storage
    Fine cloth storage to dress for work after training.
    Keys, wallet internal pocket, lockable if possible.
    Small electronics pocket, watertight..(phone etc).

    Cross body, backpack and handle carrying (triple).

    Size / structure?: hmm, I guess maybe an Aeronaut structure but in a way smaller size like a smart alec size?
    (s'd be small enough to be carried with a work bag. large enough to carry all above)

    Anyone care to assist in designing this TB bag? maybe someone will listen....

    And if not clear, its not on back order, nor available, its my request :-)

    and the name? it is a Tom Bihn Gymnˇs
    (we can always rename it as a TB Marathon or even TB Gymnasium..)

    I’m willing to be the Beta site user…

    Common guys, share your thoughts in designing the perfect Gymnˇs for GYM, what do you want in a GYM bag?


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    Ha! Funny post!

    I have to get my exercise by working it into other tasks, like walking for my daily commute, but I can see the dilemma. I wouldn't want to carry dirty, sweaty clothes and shoes in any of my TB bags! I'm sure that if Tom put his mind to it (maybe inspired but suggestions in this thread), he's come up with a perfect solution. :-)
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    Sounds you just need a Tri-Star with some stuff sacks!

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