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Thread: New to Bihn

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    New to Bihn

    So I happened upon Bihn bags in one of my late night sessions of insomnia. It was love at first sight!! Now I'm torn large or medium cafe bag?? And I can't wrap my mind around colors!! I love neutral colors but I do enjoy a pop of color every once and awhile...any suggestions? Anyone have a picture comparison of the cafe bags? Thanks!!

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    In my TB collection I have a linen LCB. If you like neutral colours this could be the bag (or at least the colour) for you. Linen is a gorgeous colour. In terms of size, even though its official volume is less than that of the Imago, IME the LCB can take an identical load. It's a pretty big bag, so depending on what you want to carry, the medium might be sufficient?

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    I too am a neutral color fan, and will +1 the linen. For an example of color, I have some shots in this post. Elsewhere in the forums there's comparison shots of SCB, MCB, and LCB (I'm not finding it at the moment, maybe someone with better search fu than me can link to it for you). There's not that much difference between MCB and LCB, so I would go with the LCB. It's what I have, and I like the dimensions very much for the most part. For instance, I like being able to put a notebook in horizontally, or my naked MBP in vertically. It depends on what you want to carry with you. But the vertical profile keeps the bag from looking big

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ramirar View Post
    So I happened upon Bihn bags in one of my late night sessions of insomnia...
    Welcome to the Tom Bihn forums, Ramirar!! You'll find a great group of helpful TB enthusiasts here!

    I'm afraid that once you make a TB purchase, your insomnia will probably continue due to something called the TB Anticipation Syndrome. Let me give you some links that will illustrate what I mean. They may offer you some good reading with helpful suggestions on how to cope while you wait for your order!

    Tom Bihn UNBOXED

    The TB Anticipation Syndrome thread

    You Know You're a Loyal Tom Bihn Customer When...

    Have fun!


    Someone please help me!
    I have BAS (Bihn Acquisition Syndrome)!!

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    How strong are you? I only have the MCB ( in linen/steel) and I can easily fill it to shoulder pain. The MCB can hold a normal size notebook.

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    Welcome, Ramirar!

    My short answer to your questions: LCB (just because it's bigger doesn't mean you have to fill it, but you have the extra space for those times when you need to throw in something unusual)...I really like the size of the LCB. It can fit my netbook and notebooks and magazines, making it a smaller "book bag" but it can also be a great every day carry (EDC) bag. The beauty of the cordura material is that it is flexible and can expand nicely to fit a lot but still looks good (IMO) even when pretty empty. Plus, with a LCB you have the option for the Absolute Strap. (Okay, that wasn't a short answer after all! Sorry.)

    As for neutral or color: Both. Seriously. There are places you want a neutral-- and the neutrals are beautiful with a lovely sheen to them, even the "basics"...and there are times for color. And Tom Bihn and crew does color really, really well. My Turqouise LCB brings a smile to my face because it's so bright and beautiful and unique.

    Ha- sorry if I've muddied the water

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