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    Cadet coord management

    I have a Cadet and like it so far. However, for my multitude of cables and adapters, I just throw it in the front large pocket and it gets very cluttered. There aren't any other zippered pockets so this seems to be the only way. How are you managing your cords and accessories with this bag?

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    I have the 15/13 cadet. The power cable for my laptop is actually in three parts - the bit that goes from the wall socket to the brick lives in the laptop sleeve, next to the laptop.

    The cable that attaches the laptop to the 'brick' bit and the brick itself each live in a compartment in the front pocket. Occasionally one of the travel adaptor bits will also come with me, at the moment, that just gets flung loose in the main pocket.

    Various usb keys and drives live in a mini clear pouch that hang off a key strap in the front divider of the large pocket. Phone adaptors, and occasionally a spare mouse also live loose in the front divider, though I'm thinking of a kit or a 3D clear organiser cube to collect these together. I don't have many other cables at the moment so it's working fine for me.
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