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    400d Dyneema steel color - Assistance required

    Dear All

    my TB bags are mainly black outside, Serving as more formal bags. Enabling me to use them for the office when I like,

    I love the new 400d dyneema as it is lighter however, it looks grayish.
    But in many of your posted photos of the new 400d bags, the color looks like a bright black rather than a gray.

    So what is it? Steel? Gray? Black oriented?
    Can you assist by posting “natural day” photos capturing the real shade of the steel 400d?

    BTW bag in minds are SCB and Synapse



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    I got some samples of 400d Dyneema and the Steel is definitely grey. It's very dark, though, and without the diagonal gridding it's not shiny like 200d Steel Dyneema.

    The samples are only a couple of inches square, so I don't know how much a photo of that would help, sorry (and plus, we know my photos are always sub-par); hopefully, someone with an entire bag to shoot will help you out. Good luck!

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    I agree with Badger that the 400d color is a very dark gray. One additional statement that may not be evident from small samples: with the 400d Dyneema and unlike the 200d that you may be familiar with, the individual threads are evident and there is a reflective "sheen" to the fabric in much the same way you'll see this for ballistic nylon. It's a nice effect, and more subtle than with the larger threaded ballistic nylon, but it's one of the reasons judging the colors from photographs of these fabrics is a bit harder. I have the Swift in Nordic Dyneema, and it's easier to see the texture of the material in the solid expanse of fabric than it is on the Synapse, which I also have in 400D Nordic.

    I think the color in the Small Cafe bag pictures of both are pretty accurate, if you zoom on the portions of each bag that are slightly shadowed by a strap or edge of a flap to allow a bit for the reflective shee. Here's the stee

    HTH moriond

    For some reason I can't embed the image correctly from Tapatalk. It's probably for the same reason that I have to uncheck the box for "Retrieve image remote file and reference locally" if I want this to work for the browser web pages, even though I'n using the same URL string.
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