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    Question Student looking for bag....

    I'm a college student looking for a new bag to carry my things in. Wandered over after seeing the Cafe bag. Was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to what a good bag would be to carry a notebook, a few textbooks and maybe a binder. The Large Cafe Bag caught my eye but not sure if it'll suit my needs. Anyone have some suggestions? Much appreciated. Thanks!

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    Ooo ooo! I know! Depending on the size of your binder (tell me you don't have one of those HUGE ones), the Smart Alec backpack would do you fine.

    You could also check out the ID - similar dimensions (though the Smart Alec is larger) in a messenger bag format.

    Large Cafe Bag won't work for you since it is only 3" in depth - though if your textbooks are small it might be doable.

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    If you get a Smart Alec, I wholly recommend the accessory item "Freudian Slip", as the Smart Alec isn't all that great if you tend to carry loose papers and folders around. It's extremely roomy and there are only a few pockets along the back of it -- great for hardcore carrying of books -- but not so good if you tend to carry small items often.

    I love my Smart Alec, and it served me well without a slip, but I usually carry loose papers and folders along with daily items (like chopsticks and iPods), which tended to slosh about in its large cavity. With the Fruedian Slip, you keep the large cavity, but add compartmentalized sorting for smaller items and loose leaf papers.

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