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Thread: Smart Alec bag

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    Smart Alec bag


    I would like to get a monolith and a Smart Alec bag, but I have a couple of questions...I can't seem to select the Smart Alec in SAGE, do you still have that color available? How much space will I have left over inside the backpack after a size 1 monolith is placed inside? Can you please give me the dimensions left over - I need to make sure I can fit a particular textbook inside (it is very thick). Will you have any other colors available for the smart alec? Can you do a monolith in sapphire? Is the monolith made with ballastic nylon?
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    I can't help you with the color questions but I can try to answer your question regarding size. After a quick and dirty measuring you can still fit a 4'' thick book in there after my Braincell is hooked up. But do keep in mind that if you overstuff the side pockets they eat into the main compartment as well. So if your book is very wide as well you might have problem.

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    That bag is awesome

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