Tom Bihn's Aeronaut is a "maximum carry-on bag". This means it's the largest dimensions allowed for domestic flying (and will pass almost all international rules). This is the type of bag you want to own if you hate checking baggage, especially with baggage check prices increasing.

I've only used it a few times, it has zero wear. Since it's effectively new and my phone camera sucks, I'm going to post the pictures that I grabbed from the Tom Bihn site of my bag and it's color combinations. The bag has a Navy exterior and Solar (yellow) interior. This color is no longer manufactured by Tom Bihn, so get one of these last amazing relics! The Navy exterior makes it pretty easy to pick out in a crowd of bags. The Solar interior makes it a bit brighter to see when the room's lighting is dimmer.

Comes with the removable waist strap.

I'm selling the bag only because it just wasn't the right fit/style for me.

I'm selling for $180; retail price is $250.