Well... I wrote a lengthy post and lost it when I went to verify the meaning of the word epitomise.

It linked to a British Actress description which linked to her filmography which linked to the filmography of John Huston.

Film stuff are for me like treats in the Citizen Canine to our fellow Canis Lupus familiaris.

So what does Tom Bihn epidomise?

Beautiful products, wonderful people, great website, calming and productive store and factory (I have always thought those two adjectives to be adverse but discovered otherwise) and lovely canine beings whose presence, especially Riley, bring a Zen like atmosphere.

I am sure that the ambiance is more like Ishiro "let's have fun attitude" when the “Top Stitches”, see reference in the link below, breaks out a tune No More Bags, We're Starting a Band (April Fools!) - TOM BIHN Blog: We make travel bags in Seattle, Washington

I would like to give a special "You Are Great!" to Darcy, who besides being a great dog Mom is also a first class web designer, blog cheerleader* and forum always there for customer person.

*You don't have to wear the uniform, Ms Z and all the lovely forum children as well as their lovely parents and other forum members are giving you a Cheer!