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    Ristretto in the rain

    I have read a number of times people comment that the Ristretto and Cafe bags look like they will let rain in around the edges of the flap.

    This morning I got caught in some particularly heavy rain on my way to work. I had a small umbrella which kept my head and part of my front dry but when I got to work I realised the Ristretto on my back had got soaked.

    And guess what? No water inside. Not a drop. Must be some kind of weird Seattle magic that makes the flap sit just in the right spot to look like it may leak but let nothing in.

    In (not so sunny) Melbourne

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    I live a little South of Edinburgh in Scotland's border hills
    In Scotland it has rained once or twice too, but neither of my Ristretto's have ever let anything get wet yet!

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    As a student in Glasgow I learned firsthand how useless umbrellas were in horizontal rain.

    Last week I demo'd my Western Flyer to a colleague. His first comment related to the zip covers. When I explained where the company is based, he agreed it was a very sensible design decision. Of course the Ristretto, and the Cafe Bags, don't have that setup - so it's good to hear that there's enough coverage without extraneous hardware.
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