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    Nashville, TN

    TB Meetup in Nashville

    Well, I had my first meet up with a prospective TB owner today. Somebody that I sort of know recently got the obsessive "need the perfect bag" disease. They (naturally) ended up on the the TB site and ended up at looking at some reviews of bags and ended up on my site and went...."HEY, WAIT! I know that guy, he is a total wack job, but I know him!"

    So, he reached out and we met up for lunch today so he could look at my Tri-Star and Zephyr to see which one suited him better.

    Like a true TB-phile, he finally came to the conclusion that he needed both!

    I could have told him that!

    In any case it was great fun talking through the relative merits of the different bags and the materials and why they were used. I think he is leaning towards a WF at this point...

    But he will own more than one some day...maybe soon! You can just kind of tell...

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    Ha ha, Bihnitis is infectious, it stays once you catch it.

    Happy travels, everyone!

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    Thanks again Jeff, great to catch up and share the "sickness" we all have. In true TB-phile fashion, I've been crusing the forums and landed on the TriStar for my roadtrips, and still in search for the best EDC.

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