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    Question Query: Empire Builder vs. Super Ego?

    I've got a new 15 inch MacBook Pro.

    I've been reading the Tom Bihn home page and forum entries, but I don't see comments comparing the Empire Builder with the Super Ego.

    I want a bag with a handle and a strap. Aside from the laptop, I want to be able to put in my external mouse, my power adapter, my IPod, Radio Shark, and heck, maybe even a surge-protector strip. Throw in a small camera. And all the many cords...

    The capacity of these two bags seem similar. I'm not getting this bag to fly with, but to organize my computer stuff when travelling in the car.

    Does one bag do a better job than the other at *organizing* this kind of paraphernalia? Am I delusional at wanting to put all this in one bag?

    Please answer quickly: I'm incredibly eager to buy a Tom Bihn bag!

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    I've got 2 EBs - one for my 15" PB and one for my 17" PB.

    I usually carry two mice (a wired USB and a Radtech bluetooth mini), one or two external hard drives, power supplies, cables, an Airport Express, a USB card reader, and a bunch of papers in each. Plus the usual assortment of pens, thumb drives, business cards, etc.

    There is still room left over for a little more stuff.

    I love these bags. I put them through some serious grief and abuse - and I wouldn't trade them for anything else I've ever used. They look great - very professional, and they are truely road warriors.

    I don't have any experience with the Super Ego, but I hope this helps.
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